Excel Productivity Boost

Microsoft Excel (tm) has become an integral part of our personal and work life. Ever wished that you can be more productive with it? Come to our workshop and learn how to automate monotonous tasks in Excel, to generate accurate reports in mere minutes!


  • No programming background required!
  • Template codes are provided
  • Use Excel as an Expense Tracker, Leave Management System and Customer Relationship Management tool
  • Generate summarized reports and charts automatically
Note: All we need is for you to bring along a laptop with MS Excel installed.

Dates and Timing

Lessons are held every Saturday (from 9am to 5pm)
Registration closes by Wednesday evening every week.

Topics Covered:

  • Non-technical introduction to Python and automation
  • Summarizing expenses automatically from an expense tracker
  • Generate summary sheets and charts automatically from entries
  • Analysing your spending habits with Python
  • Generate summarized leave reports from leave applications
  • Using Excel as a Customer Relationship Management tool
  • Generate report and summarized data for each customer
  • Create charts and reports in PDF format automatically from your worksheets
  • Setup everything so all you need is to just press a button
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